Where have all the Travel Kitties gone?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year Travel Kitty Fans!

Well my hope to reach all 50 states by the end of 2007 didn't quite happen, but we have had great participation from all of you and many more people hoping to join the fun as soon as my hands crank out their kitties. We have made the move over seas and have kitties going to Australia, UK, and Iraq in the near future. Cheers to all of you for your great kitty stories and photos. Now for some of the things I had on the November to do list do:

-RSS feed...uh, still working on this. I can sew kitties but the technology stuff is a bit slower and even slower still when I'm working on my retro computer.

-Travel Kitty Challenges: The first one will be posted today. They will be monthly photo challenges. Finish all 12 TKC's and earn a little something for your kitty.

-Picture awards are still on the drawing board.

-FAQ are being worked on. Santa gave me http://www.travelkittyproject.com/ for Christmas so I'll now be able to better organize the site instead of having everything on this one page.

-New kitty goodies at Etsy: This month I'll be unveiling the special edition kitty for Valentines Day and I was lucky enough to score a Gocco machine so I'll be making some cool shirts and other printed goodies as I have time.

-Kitty production: I'm making kitties everyday, so those of you in the Kitty Queue will be notified as soon as your kitty is ready to mail out. I hope to have a page for this as well when I organize more pages for the site, then you'll be able to see where you are on the list.

Keep those pictures and stories coming!
Your pal,


  1. Everything sounds great! Toots Malloy (TK #9) and I look forward to more adventures!

  2. Thanks Toots! Glad to see you are traveling again. I'll have your pictures up today.


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