Where have all the Travel Kitties gone?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Intellectual Smackers In California

Kitty Name:
Smackers Huggabug

Palmdale, CA

What's the story?
What's the Story?: Just wanted Smackers to check in but she's been busy reading. I'm making her go out with me for spring break. If only I could get her away from books long enough to tell her that she's going. I'm sure she'd be excited.

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*This photo is part of the TRAVEL KITTY PROJECT


  1. Glad you checked in Smackers! You have a soul mate kitty (red and pink with a heart...I only made 2)across the pond somewhere. Hopefully they'll check in soon too!
    I saw you live near the mountains Smackers...better get your bed roll and get campin'!

  2. Smackers will be going to the beach next week ^^

    and a side note: I miswrote the webpage. it's actually myspace.com/dreamersdiseasezine

  3. Enjoy the beach!

    I updated your link on the main post and found out you are a fellow zine writer-yeah! I'm actually putting together a mini zine for the TKP. So cute and small just like the kitties. Coming soon...I'll trade it with you when I have it done.


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