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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tyker Funf is back...a report from Belgium

Hope you all had a terrific weekend. Thanks to all of you who submitted pictures this past week-you kept me busy! It was great to see all the kitties in action! Feel free to leave some comments for your fellow TKP mates and let them know what you liked about their pictures.
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Kitty Name:
Tyker Funf

Mons, Belgium

What's the story?
Tyker is a son of a bitch. I'm serious and I'm not kidding. He gets in
the car and says "Let's go to Brussels." I tell him, "I don't know
Brussels." He says, "How can you be in Belgium and not get to Belgium?"
Then he insisted. So, I drove there and got there. I told him quite
clearly that I'd take no more than three turns from the expressway. He
moaned. I drove, turned, turned, turned again. I realized I was
nowhere, and then saw a clear sign back to Mons. We turned and headed
right back.

Once we got to Mons, he was a lot better. He wanted me to drive to a
tall steeple. Note that the streets are poorly signed and I just had to
look at things above the houses and drive toward them. We got to the
steeple where there was a very large cathedral. He says, "go in, go
in." I said, "It's a Cathedral, not a Cat-Thedral, Asswhipe!"

That wasn't funny to him.

I knew he was hurt so I took him in. The place was just like the 800
year old cathedrals you've seen in books, only this one wasn't as well
maintained, which is kind of cool; lots of stuff was original, but worn.
I liked that. Kitty purred. I think he liked it too. He posed for
lots of reverent kitty photos. Ever see a kitty pray? Me neither, till

Then, we left the church and turned left, walking. Suddenly the narrow
road opened up to this enormous bricked plaza with beautiful and stately
old buildings all around. Tons of seating space for dining, drinking
and smoking. We wandered, because I didn't want him to use his French.
Tyker can't take advice, and refuses to use proper pronunciation, making
us stand out every where we go. We took lots of pictures there, one
with a very special fountain. He likes fountains. He wanted to see the
famous pissing boy statue in Brussels, so this one was just going to
have to do.

Then we went to eat at a place a student recommended - an Algierian
place and got Lamb tajine. The meat was amazing. Tyker purred and said
it reminded him of some higher-end canned cat food he'd had in the past.
I asked him to stop talking and drank my beer. He lapped the water off
of the side of my glass. I was happy so I scratched his chin.

I won't look.I wont look.
Well...maybe just a peek. Well...maybe just a peek.
Playing in the fountian Playing in the fountain
The clock tower The clock tower
love Love
Dune buggies! Dune Buggies!
The Grande Place The Grande Place
Inside the church Inside the church
A cute little house A cute, little house
The pharmacy The pharmacy
More interesting buildings More interesting buildings
WWI war memorial WWI memorial

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  1. Tyker! You've returned! It's always exciting to see our first traveling kitty again. I really enjoyed your pictures Phil...the two statue pictures (the fountain one here and then the one in Germany), the love picture with the hearts--awe, the sad kitty at the war memorial, and of course Tyker sneaking a peek at the racy picture. Great work all around!


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