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Friday, October 10, 2008

State of the Kitty Address

Travel Kitty Project Website...finally done.

October 10th marks the one year anniversary of the Travel Kitty Project! YEAH! I've decided this deserves a State of the Kitty Address.

Here are the updates:
  • We have 135 travelin' kitties.
  • Travel Kitties have returned photos from 15 states, 8 countries, and 4 continents!
  • The new and improved TKP website is up and running (The link to the TKP homepage is a are on the sidebar .
  • The Temporal Millionaire store is stocked up to avoid the pre-Christmas sell out I had last November.
Here are the things I'm still working on:
  • Updating the photo map
  • Getting hometown information from those of you who have kitties (Check the list to see if your current hometown is listed.)
  • Posting submitted photos and journals
  • Setting up a Flickr Group to share/submit your photos
  • Collecting TKP photos from all of you who have posted photos on the web somewhere
  • Getting you to leave a comment when you visit!

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