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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Travel Kitty at the Pyramids? Shecky puts Africa on the TKP map!

A Travel Kitty at the Pyramids? Shecky puts Africa on the TKP map!

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Shecky Shalomburger

Cairo, Egypt, Africa

What's the story?
Not content with the weather cooling off here in merry old England, Shecky and I were off to Egypt for a whistle-stop tour of Cairo. Desert vistas and pyramids were the order of this day, and it was all I could do to stop Shecky running off for a camel ride to the nearest oasis. Good times!

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  1. Nicole this is so cool! I never thought one of the TK family would make it to the pyramids! Yippee! Tell us more about your trip...

  2. Oh my goodness! Eygpt! Now that is cool - and didn't kitty cats get worshipped there? Way,way back?

  3. Oh yes, Shecky was right at home! Lots of cat paraphernalia around the tourist traps. Our trip was quite short but I think Shecky got to see the best of things (including a leisurely boatride on the Nile!) - he did put the foot down at coming inside a pyramid with me though, as cats used to only go inside as mummies!

    I'm not sure where we can go to top this next!

  4. The first person to conquer Antarctica will blow my TKP mind!


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