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Friday, February 20, 2009

Uncle Phil visits Sagrada Familia in Spain

Mar in front of Sagrada Familia with Uncle Phil

Uncle Phil in Barcelona Spain Uncle Phil goes to bed

Kitty Name:
Uncle Phil

Barcelona, Spain, Europe

What's the story?
Hello Lissa,
My name is Mar Vayreda, I am a ten years old girl and I live in Barcelona, Spain, Europe.
I am happy to join TKP!!! ;-)
Uncle Phil arrived well and we took him to see Sagrada Familia, a beautiful and huge church of Gaudí, very close to my home. I send you a photo of him in front of Sagrada Familia. Afterwards, he was really tired of such a long trip from New York, so he went to bed and "cuéntame un cuento y verás qué contento", the storyteller, told him a story about spiderman.
Uncle Phil will travel soon.
I send you a BIG SMILE 8-)

Submitted by:
Mar Vayreda


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  1. Hey there Mar!
    Thanks for the big smile! I'm glad to see Uncle Phil has a good friend to show him the world (and a storyteller too, how lucky!). The Sagrada Familia looks beautiful all lit up, but even better with Uncle Phil standing in front!

    Here is a link for all of you who would like to know more about the Sagrada Familia


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