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Monday, April 6, 2009

Travel Kitty, Shecky Shalomburger locates Banksy!

A while back I put a call out to our UK Travel Kitties to find a piece of Banksy's artwork. Nicole and Shecky completed the task! Well done! Interestingly, Nicole let me know that this piece of Banksy's work has already been painted over. Good work getting a photo with Shecky before it disappeared!

Kitty Name:

Shecky Shalomburger

London UK (Newman Street about a block up from
Oxford Street to be precise!), Europe

What's the story?
I recall ages ago someone mentioning it'd be great
to have a Travel Kitty pic with a Banksy, and as this is the only one
I see on a regular basis I thought i'd grab a photo of Shecky with it.
Unfortunately it's not too glamourous, being hidden by the
fence/dumpsters of a Royal Mail depot! But tis the genuine article. I
think Shecky and I should do a bit more poking around in Central
London soon..

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