Where have all the Travel Kitties gone?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yeah the Photographers of Etsy kitty has finally reappeared! I was wondering where Clarence was traveling these days. It looks like he is having a good time in SC Kim. I looked through your photos and really like this one ...i think it's being able to see all the snowflakes. nice!
Travel on Clarence!

Clarence Z finds some robin eggs!

Kitty Name:
Clarence Zanzabar

Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A., North America

What's the story?
Clarence hit the jackpot while participating in the Easter Egg Hunt. He was *so* excited; you should have seen the way his tail was twitching! After the hunt was over, he asked me how long it would be before they hatched. I didn't have the heart to tell him that they weren't *real* robin's eggs, so I was a good host and made them 'disappear' after Clarence had gone to bed. Oh, the sacrifices we have to make for our guests... ;-)
In the morning I told him that the eggs had all hatched overnight and the baby birdies had flown away. He was so heartbroken that I decided to cheer him up by letting him eat the ears off my chocolate bunny. Chocolate bunny ears always make things better, don't they?!

Submitted by:
Kim Winkeler


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