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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sycamore Meadows Drinks Guinness!

Okay, well I really don't know for sure if Sycamore hit the local pubs for a drink, but it does look like he took in the beautiful sights of Ireland. Thanks for the submission Kerrilee, you have put Ireland on the TKP map for the first time YEAH!
Hey AUSTRALIA where are you! I know we have kitties out there but no one is checking in...what's going on over there?! Still working on sending a kitty to Antarctica everyone, that will be the final continent after Australia so if you know any scientists heading to the icy cold land for research let me know!

Sycamore Meadows in Ireland!Sycamore Meadows in Ireland!Sycamore Meadows in Ireland!Sycamore Meadows in Ireland!
Kitty Name:
Sycamore Meadows

Counties Clare, Kerry, Cork and Dublin
Ireland, Europe

What's the story?
Hello there!
Sycamore Meadows went on a grand adventure this summer. Here are his pictures from Ireland.

1. A garden in Glendree, County Clare.
2. Looking out over the sea in Kilaha, County Kerry.
3. A lovely vista in Kealties, County Cork.
4. Mailing a postcard in Donnybrook, County Dublin.

Up next: Sycamore's adventures in the UK and Belgium!

Submitted by:
Kerrilee Hunter


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