Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shaggy Shadagrack Checks Off Two States!

Hey Shaggy! Thanks for checking in! Your bag is super must be travelin' with a good pal to set you up with such a stylish accessory! Great pictures Heather. I think I could get used to living by those mountains. Looks like a beautiful place.

Shaggy Shadagrack in Broomfield, COShaggy Shadagrack in Denver, ColoradoShaggy Shadagrack in Denver, ColoradoShaggy Shadagrack in San Francisco, CAShaggy Shadagrack in San Francisco, CAShaggy Shadagrack over Colorado
Kitty Name:
Shaggy Shadagrack

Broomfield, Colorado, U.S.A., North America
Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., North America
San Francisco, California, U.S.A., North America

What's the story?
Picture 004 is the home town shot, snow in the Colorado mountains (home town of Broomfield).
18 is in front of the aquarium at the Bass Pro shop in Denver (the fish were TOTALLY tuned in to his being there, swam right up to him!)
28 is a narrow escape at the Bass Pro Shop, but escaped none the less!
35: Big kitty, small kitty in San Francisco
248: Will he leave his heart in San Francisco?
92: Nope, he brought it home with me!

Hopefully more to come soon!
Shaggy's friend, Heather Simmons

Submitted by:
Heather Simmons



Lisa M. Dalton said... out for those bears!

greece_traveller said...

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Rinkesh said...

I was wondering what is up with that weird gravatar??? I know 5am is early and I'm not looking my best at that hour, but I hope I don't look like this! I might however make that face if I'm asked to do 100 pushups. lol Hvar Island

australia visa said...

It seems Shaggy really enjoy his trip, Well, am sure Shaggy will never forget that moment, especially when he is beaten by a dog...

Katherine said...

My kitty will be starting travel soon!! I hope the project is still up and running!!

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