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Monday, December 17, 2007

Sodabread McGrath...FOUND!

Sodabread McGrath
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Sodabread McGrath
Kitty Name:
Sodabread McGrath
Seattle, WA
What's the story?
Sodabread is back and hopped up on coffee!!! he's bouncing off the
walls of my apartment, I don't think I'll ever get good sleep again!
he's crazy!

Here he is chilling on a sheet of collaboration stickers between me
and an amazing artist named Kinoko... Check out more at my flickr site
Good times!!!
I didn't even have to post alot of flyers.. I was hanging out at Caffe
Vita in Seattle and Sodabread came bursting through the door looking
for coffee (the overcast days here have turned him into a coffee
Submitted by:
Sodabread Mcgrath and Dave Bloomfield in Seattle

*This photo is part of the TRAVEL KITTY PROJECT


  1. Oh, I'm SO glad Sodabread is safe and sound! I've been checking for updates on him all week. I know how sad a missing kitty can make you...

  2. Hi Sodabread, I'm Cleophus McScoogle. Last weekend I got to drink some super powered coffee while on a road trip. WOWEE! I think we as travelkitties have a taste for brewed beverages. I recommend Killians Red, the bubbles feel funny when they tickle your nose instead of burning like coffee!

  3. Sodabread McGrath, tell that "Dave" of yours that a young whippersnapper like you needs to take advantage of those large cups o' Joe while you can! Once you get to be my age, there's no way you're able drink that much coffee without an immediate trip to the litter box.


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