Where have all the Travel Kitties gone?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The whole litter leaves!

Yep here they go from left to right...see you cats later!

Mumford Steakums #21, heading to SC
Pacha Chooka #17, off to TN
Thelonius Zagnut #24, SC baby
Lunchy Flumpkin #22, see ya in SC
Strawbree LeDuke #23, hmmm... #23 heading to NC, funny how that worked out
*your individual passport pictures will be up on the map soon.

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  1. Lisa! The whole gang arrived safe and sound and are snuggled quite nicely amidst the ribbons and bows under the tree. They are very nice guests but quite frankly, they have made themselves a little too "at home"...They've consumed an entire five pound fruit cake and eaten every candy cane off the tree. I've caught Strawbree twice raiding the fridge for egg nog and Lunchy has "sampled" the entire roof off the top of my gingerbread house. Is this normal Travel Kitty behavior? Thelonius mentioned a friend they left behind on your side of the map. They said he would have loved to have come to visit but refused to fly coach...Would you mind billing me for a first class ticket and sending him my way? Please extend my apologies for not remembering him when I arranged travel for the rest of his litter. I'm hoping that reuniting the gang will end the eating binge. Their little felt bellies are buldging and I fear one more macroon may cause Mumford to pop!
    Greatly appreciated!


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