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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Old Man Slowik Makes His Travel Resolutions for 2008 (and Beyond)

Kitty Name:
Old Man Slowik

Orlando, FL 32801

What's the story?
Old Man Slowik has been resting his arthritis and enjoying the warm, 80-degree winter in Orlando. And as the 2008 Ball of Yarn dropped, he made his resolutions for the year: (1) Stretch on the cat post every morning. (2) Make it *in* the litter box each visit. And then he visited the travel agency to determine his top destinations for the near future: First, a prowl in the alleys of New York City . . . And in addition to the purr-ty geshias, he is curious to see the many rumored Maneki Neko "lucky cat" sculptures in Japan. The last call-out destination? It's Hawaii or bust before we both exhaust our nine lives!

Submitted by:
Stephanie Pancratz


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