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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Toots Malloy on the way to Cancun, Mexico

Kitty Name:
Toots Malloy
Minneapolis, MN and Playa del Carmen, Mexico
What's the story?
Hey, world, it’s Toots Malloy (Travel Kitty #9), reporting on my fabu
holidays. The humans and I spent some time in Playa del Carmen, and I
highly recommend it! As you can see by the pictures, the trip was all
about me. (And why not! The blog isn’t called “Travel Human Project,”
is it?)

The trip started with the flight to Cancun. I was under the
impression that I got my own seat since I had a boarding pass, but I
was forced to share mine with E. Not a biggie, as she’s responsible
for all of my care and photo opportunities.
Toots getting ready to board the plane
After checking in, it was time for some sun, baby! I’m a fair-skinned
TK, so I was prudent and used sunscreen. (Note to self: after
applying sunscreen, do not groom. Yuck!)
Toots livin' it up in the sun
We had supper outdoors, and I was fascinated by the palm trees. They
look like giant cat toys. However, I was repeatedly assured that they
were not.
Toots enjoying the view of the palms
I also made friends with various creatures that visited our room. I
liked hanging out with them, but E. said they gave her the creeps.
P., the other human I live with, kept giving bigger and bigger tips
so he could see what Housekeeping would come up with next.
Toots and his new friend at the hotel
We went to visit some ancient ruins called Chichen Itza, which were
recently voted one of the new 7 Wonders of the World. This is what I
learned: they are very old, they are ruins, and you can’t climb on
anything. How’s a TK to stretch its legs?
Toots at the Chichen Itza ruins
As fun as this adventure was, I was ready to go home and live my
usual life, waiting for the next photo opportunity and keeping my eye
on everything.
Toots back at home

Till the next adventure,

Toots Malloy

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*This photo is part of the TRAVEL KITTY PROJECT

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  1. Looks like it was a great trip Eileen!

    I went to learn a little more about Chichen Itza and thought I'd leave a link for all of you to check out...go learn something!


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