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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hopscotch Hambone at Navy Pier (Chicago, Illinois)

Kitty Name:
Hopscotch Hambone

Chicago, Illinois

What's the story?
Hopscotch had a big day and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He met two new friends and a dog which I really think was a human in a dog suit. They will all be checking the site as they now truly know they are stars. Below are my pic tags. Use what you want, don't feel that it all needs to be on the site. It has been fun traveling with the little guy.

Hopscotch Hambone – Navy Pier, Chicago
Because my last outing was cut short for lack of bucks, this time I invited my "people". We were off to Navy Pier in Chicago. Here are a few pics.

1. Check it out, this is a big place.

2. No voyage today, stuck in the ice.
Hopscotch Hambone at Navy Pier 2 (Chicago, Illinois)

3. Lunch at Bubba’s. Tim helped us out, thanks Tim.
Hopscotch Hambone at Navy Pier 3 (Chicago, Illinois)

4. It’s simple, start with a drink…order shrimp.
Hopscotch Hambone at Navy Pier 4 (Chicago, Illinois)

5. A kitties delight.
Hopscotch Hambone at Navy Pier 5 (Chicago, Illinois)

6. Later I hooked up with a pirate and my new friend Patch, a dog.
Hopscotch Hambone at Navy Pier 6 (Chicago, Illinois)

7. My people thought this was cute. Let me tell you, this was enough to scare the hell out of any Travel Kitty. Enough of the T-Rex!
Hopscotch Hambone at Navy Pier (Chicago, Illinois)

8. Tired paws, tired kitty, it’s time for home.
Hopscotch Hambone at Navy Pier (Chicago, Illinois)

It was a good time. Thanks to my new friends Tim, the pirate and Patch.

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*This photo is part of the TRAVEL KITTY PROJECT


  1. Tim looks like a nice guy, but I don't know about the pirate and the dog Hopscotch?! Stay safe HH-Great pictures!

  2. The arm in that Bubba Gump picture looks suspicious...

    Glad to see Travel Kitties in the Second City. And I finally had a chance to look at your German feature. Sweet!

  3. I agree...picture #5 especially. Who is that? It doesn't look like a PopPop. Hmmmmm...


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