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Friday, April 18, 2008

Celozzi Ettleson reports from the UK!

Kitty Name:
Celozzi Ettleson

Warrington, England, UK

What's the story?
Celozzi Ettleson arrived safely from his travels across the pond much to the delight of H. He’s a mischievous little fellow! No sooner than he was in the house he was demanding to be taken out to be fed and watered. He decided a trip to see H’s lovely friends in Parbold, Wigan would suffice as long as he could spend an hour or so in the local hostillery. Once there he didn’t want to leave!
The following day was spent playing in some unexpected snow in his new garden. H wouldn’t let him stay out for too long though as she didn’t want a frostbitten kitten. Celozzi was surprised to find kitty foot prints in the snow, who is this mystery kitty….???
Ttfn, Celozzi and H xx

“Meeting H’s friends – I think they like me!”
Meeting H’s friends – I think they like me!

“Mmm cheese crisps, just my favourite.”
Mmm cheese crisps, just my favourite

“No H I’m not leaving the pub, I’m having too much fun.”
No H I’m not leaving the pub, I’m having too much fun.

“Hanging out in my new garden.”
Hanging out in my new garden.

“What, I’m not the only kitty?”
What, I’m not the only kitty?

Submitted by:H


*This photo is part of the TRAVEL KITTY PROJECT

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  1. Great pictures H! I love the one of the kitty snow print. Oh, also liked that you signed your note ttfn...don't get that signature much here in the U.S.


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