Where have all the Travel Kitties gone?

Friday, April 11, 2008

TKP will rock the Crammed Organisms show!

Well TKP friends, in addition to being world-wide, the TKP will be showing St. Louis, Missouri (North America) just how cool plush can be when some special edition Travel Kitties make their way to the worlds largest plush show! YEAH! I was so excited to get the news today. Head over to the Crammed Organisms site and look at the other artists who were selected for the show!


  1. Rock on TKP! I like "Plushy Butt." Hey, did you notice the site has you named as Temporal Millionaire instead of Travel Kitty?

  2. I applied as Temporal Millionaire because that's my store on Etsy. It has all my goodies, not just the TK's.
    I just looked at plushy butt...nice! gotta love a name like that. I'm telling you mike the plushie world is filled with silliness! It's good stuff!


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