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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nipper Kilnwash is Travelin'

Hey TKP friends,
Sorry for the lengthy delay in posting, but I too was doing a bit of traveling this summer. I hope all of your travels have been fun. I have a bunch of submitted pictures that I'll be putting up over the next few days.

Kitty Name:
Nipper Kilnwash

Tucson, Arizona

What's the story?
Nipper Kilnwash
Nipper is a cheery little cat man. He was so excited to come and stay with me. He had mentioned that he has a keen interest in handmade glass and he wanted to learn more about the different venues and techniques involved in glass art. Naturally, I volunteered to help him, seeing that my Mom makes stained glass in her Etsy shop (http://www.creationsinglass.etsy.com) and I'm the founder of the Creative Glass Guild of Etsy (http://www.cgge.org). I help organize and lead a team of worldwide glass artists who sell their creations on Etsy. So, after showing Nipper around my place in the desert of Arizona, I decided he would begin a road trip touring many glass artists and their studios on his quest to learn more about the handmade glass arts!
Nipper Kilnwash
Nipper was really fascinated by this bright stained glass desert piece. This is one of the first pieces Mom made for me as a housewarming present when we moved to Arizona. He can't wait to visit her studio in Idaho and see how she did it!
Nipper Kilnwash
Nipper atop my most prized possession, Mom made this stained glass piece for my daughter's room. He actually threatened to smuggle it out of the house. I nearly choked on my water, because I couldn’t imagine how he could pull of such a feat!
Nipper Kilnwash
Nipper is really such a show off. He bet me that he wouldn't get poked, but wouldn't you know it, I had to rescue him and of course I got poked! Nipper said he wanted to take along a cactus needle as his sword for protection during his journey. I told him, he would be in good hands with the rest of my CGGE buddies and wouldn't need protection!
Nipper Kilnwash
Nipper loved that the fruits of the barrel cactus look like miniature pineapples. He really wants to visit Hawaii someday! He has a really tough hide, he said he's tough as nails and he could handle it. In fact, he said it reminded him of his acupuncture sessions! It was really hard to part with Nipper, but I promised he would learn all about the different ways to make glass art. SO, I met up with my friend and team-mate that also lives in Tucson. Judy, of desertroseartglass (http://desertroseartglass.etsy.com) was so excited to take him to her studio, I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Submitted by:

creationsinglass.etsy.com (etsy store)
www.cgge.org (Creative Glass Guild of Etsy street team)

*This photo is part of the TRAVEL KITTY PROJECT

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