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Friday, November 21, 2008

Rocky McIntosh with a Banksy

If you followed the comments last week you know I put the word out to our TKP partners in the UK to get a photo of their kitty with a piece of Banksy street art. Catherine wins the award for quick wit and effort, but the challenge has yet to be met. Maybe this weekend will be the one, but for now we thank Rocky McIntosh for getting the ball rolling!

Rocky McIntosh with a Banksy

I got this photo after asking my UK partners for a photo of a TK with a piece of Banksy street art. The quick work is appreciated.

Kitty Name:
Rocky McIntosh

Essex, England, UK, Europe

What's the story?
This is a bit of a cheat.....can you tell?!

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  1. Yes, we can tell it's a bit of a cheat, but you still get a thumbs up from me.


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