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Thursday, March 5, 2009

McScoogle makes it to Iceland!

YEAH! Check out the map...Iceland has been conquered by the TKP! Way to go Cleo! Eli, my sweet boy, and I will now head to the library to learn about puffins...last week was pandas thanks to Sancho Breadcrust and Kim. The world of learning is never ending.

Travel on.

Your pal,

Kitty Name:
Cleophus McScoogle

Iceland, Europe

What's the story?
Here I am in Iceland. Apparently, their entire economy was based on banking- sounds good until the global economy blows up in your litter box! I guess they turned off the lights to save some money... and went back to their traditional industry: FISHING. YUM! There are no penguins in Iceland- but they do have these cool birds with fruitloop looking beaks called puffins. I want the eat all of them but that wouldn't be showing cultural sensitivity.

Submitted by:
Denise and Chris


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