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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thelonius Zagnut leaves home!

Kitty Name:
Thelonius Zagnut

Montana, U.S.A., North America

What's the story?
Dear Lisa,

I'm writing to you for advice. As you know, Zagnut has always dreamed of a life more grand than just staring out the window or chasing the dust bunnies under the couch - something my other cats quite enjoy. He seemed bored with the usual "cat activities". I tried to encourage him to broaden his horizons with learning to yodel and playing the triangle. At first I was amazed at how quickly his "musical ear" developed. Then triangle was replaced with the accordian...then the bassoon...then came the Didgeridoo. Everything was going wonderfully - everything...until he picked up a cowboy hat. We encouraged him - I admit it...We never imagined it would take him as far as it has....Zagnut is currently on tour with Country Music Artist STEVE HOLY!
My baby is traveling the world without me! Zagnut has already visited Alabama (with Blake Shelton, Brooks and Dunn and Miranda Lambert), Wisconson, California (with Sugarland), Washinton, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Illinios, Canada (Saskatchewan), and Florida! Today he is in Montana, tomorrow he is in Missouri and then he is headed to Fairbanks Alaska! He mentioned possibly renting an igloo and STAYING for a week or two...something about meeting a cute Eskimo kitty online. I'm sincerely concerned that my kitty wont come home. We've all heard of the awful things that happen with musicians on tour...tattoos, drunken behavior, horrible things done with M&M's - I am worried.
Any advice you could give would be appreciated. I am completely at a loss as my other cats ideas of travel are limited to the distance between the food bowl and the bed.

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  1. Erin,
    While this seems like concerning news, don't worry. Travel Kitties are a different breed...they need more then the stroll to the water bowl and a cozy place to sleep. They are nomadic by nature and should be encouraged to see the world. We have had similar situations of this in the past months and the kitties have always found their way home.

    Please continue to update us on his whereabouts so the other TK owners understand this is the typical life of a Travel Kitty.

  2. Cool Kat! That's some adventure he's on!
    I'm awaiting the arrival of Dudley - he doesn't look quite as adventurous as Thelonius but who can really know for sure? My Mum always said butter on the paws woud keep a cat home.... I'm thinking 'yuk'...

  3. Strangely it seems with these TK's that they seem to like junk food and alcohol?! Little rebel kitties! Check out some of these past posts:
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